Winning Edge 365
Loyalty Edge 365 for Manufacturers

Delivering Loyalty Far Beyond Points and discounts

73% of consumers believe loyalty programs
should be the way brands show loyalty to them.

...are you one of the 66% percent of marketing executives that disagree?
If you’re not delivering loyalty, you’re on the wrong side of the equation.

A Robust
Loyalty Program

Automated. embedded. flexible. For the Customer.

Don’t lose sleep over losing customers. LoyaltyEDGE is engineered from the ground up to increase profits by retaining customers while delivering a satisfying sense of loyalty — all directly embedded into your existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 deployment. With robust sales, customer service, and marketing team engagement, LoyaltyEDGE amplifies your organization’s 360° view of your customer.

  • Robust - Powered by Micosoft Dynamics 365
  • Fewer Failpoints - Deep integrations reduce the need for external services
  • Real-Time Calculations - Your organization, nor is your customer, is ever in the dark
  • Beyond Points and Discounts - Builds upon both financial and emotional loyalty
  • Multiple Reward Types - Regular rewards, product rebates, special pricing, and more
  • Customer Portal - A powerful and fully branded centralized hub for your customers
  • Full Marketing Automation - Connecting your organization to your customers
  • Completely Customizable- From program details to branding, everything is customizable

Ecuity Edge is a visionary when it comes to building a connected process with Sales and Marketing technology. I would recommend them to any of my clients.

Certified Microsoft
Cloud Gold Partner

Harness The Power of the Cloud

Thanks to our continued investment in training and certifications, as well as a proven track record, Ecuity Edge has met and exceeded the highest standards of Microsoft's widely-recognized partnership program. Achieve your strategic goals and make the most of your Microsoft investments with a trusted, experienced gold-certified Microsoft partner.

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