Manufacturing is Changing

What is Your Strategy?

Manufacturers need to start asking “Where do we spend our technology dollars to create a differentiating customer experience?”

Manufacturers should know that by year 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key driver of sales. In order to provide the excellent customer experience manufacturing customers demand, you will need the next generation Channel Management/ Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platform. This will give savvy manufacturers a way for channel executives effectively and efficiently optimize workflows, scale to-customer marketing campaigns, and personalize partner programs.

WinningEdge365 is that next generation manufacturing channel solution by creating an award winning blend of CRM, PRM, and TCMA and Channel Incentives.

Most company's revenue comes from indirect channel sources
Companies expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience
Channel partners who are either indifferent or actively disengaged

Rethink your channel. Transform your business with the power of WinningEdge365 channel management platform.

We are Ecuity Edge

Ecuity Edge is a recognized Microsoft Gold Partner, 2018 Partner of the Year finalist and more recently 2019 MSUS Partner Award Winner, Business Apps – Dynamics 365 for Marketing.

We’ve spent the last two years developing a platform, WinningEdge365 powered by Microsoft, that delivers a proven world-class experience for you and your channel partners. Our solution guides you through a collaborative end-to-end journey with your with your channel partners that lead to real relationships and increasing profits.

Consider these stats:
in Channel Revenue
in Administrative Costs
Faster Ramp Time
to Revenue Productivity

Reloadable Credit Card

Reloadable credit cards drive brand loyalty and are used by the world's most innovative companies. We can offer the most advanced infrastructure and tools for building highly configurable payment cards.


Partner Onboarding refers to the process of engaging new partners, signing them up, initial training and the transition to working on deals. The ideal partner needs to be identified based on demographics, business focus, future plans, current portfolio of offerings, and customer base.

Deal Registration

Deal registration programs can help vendors influence partner behavior, enhance collaboration, reduce channel conflict and measure partner performance. At the same time, these programs provide vendors with real-time visibility into channel pipeline.


The WarrantyEdge module of our WinningEdge365 Suite helps seal customer relationships with long term trust. Trust is difficult to earn and can be easily broken. Delivering excellence in your warranty program will build more brand loyalty than anything else you do.

Rewards & Incentives

Load rewards & incentives onto re-loadable Visa cards or use them to purchase once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Order Management

Order management starts when a customer places an order while keeping track of that order until it is fulfilled. Efficiently tracking every step of the way, giving unique insights.

Reloadable Credit Card
Deal Registration
Rewards & Incentives
Order Management