Channel incentive programs can shift the behavior of partners within a sales program and structure. Within that channel, motivated, indirect sales associates exude enthusiasm for the product or service, passing on that motivated energy and engagement to the prospect or customer. If the sales team is motivated and driven by channel incentives and supporting structures, sales associates will do their best to convert customers―and allow those new customers to feel as though they’re part of an exclusive club.

Incentivizing motivated indirect sales representatives works well with contractors, resellers, distributors, independent consultants, and more because the sales opportunity already hinges on a sincere belief in the brand. Your indirect sales representatives are also evangelists, and that’s a behavior earned through incentivizing rather than training a room full of half-interested contractors.

To take a closer look at the structures and successes of incentivized sales channels, Wakefield Research conducted extensive research in manufacturing organizations in 2017. This survey identified a few major trends in indirect sales structures in North America:

  • Conversations about in-house versus outside sales teams and methods;
  • A lack of personalization in the indirect sales structure, which is often challenging to representatives leveraging personal and professional connections to sell customizable products;
  • Sales results when companies utilize channel incentive programs;
  • The complex administration of channel incentive programs

Incentives are complex and challenging: how do you keep a representative motivated after their initial burst of success? What about low activity and high turnover?

Despite these issues, incentivized sales channels create sales boosts, competitive advantages in many industries, and overall gains. Overall, statistical proof indicates that carefully structured, incentivized sales channels prove profitable and beneficial for businesses. With resource support, attention to salesforce management, and clear communication of competitive goals, incentivized sales channels can provide a true advantage to any sales-oriented organization.