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Time to throw away those spreadsheets! Our Competitive Edge module will automate
the process and save your accounting team time and money.

Special Pricing Arrangements

Most manufacturers have special pricing arrangements even with their indirect partners. It's a competitive marketplace and special pricing is unavoidable. While our PRM solution offers a variety of options for rewarding partners and building brand loyalty, competing on price will never go away completely. Shockingly, even some of the world's largest companies are still using spreadsheets to administer these arrangements.

With our Competitive Edge module, you will not only ditch the spreadsheets, but have fully-automated, accurate and accounting-compliant solution. Moreover you will have for the first time a holistic picture, on a single pane of glass, all the financial benefits earned by your partner.

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Flexible Earning Rules

Competitive Edge allows you to create flexible earning rules unique to each partner. Earning rules have an effective date range that can begin and end at any time during the year. Calculations may be based on quantity purchased or invoice amount. Earning rule are defined by one of three levels of granularity: product, product category or product sub-category--giving the flexibility you need to compete intelligently.

Calculations are broken down into fiscal quarters are can support up to four gated thresholds, so as the amount of purchases increase the calculated rebate can also increase. Importantly, gate calculations are determined on each run and rebates recalculated appropriately.

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Track Competitor Pricing

Your accounting team will want to track the reason for the special pricing arrangement. Usually the special pricing is due to competitive realities. When creating the Special Pricing record, your accounting team can easily enter and reference competitive information on a per-product or product category basis. The historical audit trail can be viewed alongside the current pricing data and is invaluable for ongoing assessment of the special pricing arrangement.

Since users are able to track emails and notes directly from Outlook, special pricing can be easily analyzed annually without having to hunt down old spreadsheets, emails and notes.

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File Upload Center

The File Upload Center will allow partners to easily upload files as Proof of Purchase (PoP) for product purchases. Partners are able to upload multiple files at once and use drag-n-drop functionality, from either desktop or smartphone.

POS integration can be accomplished through a custom file integration or API.

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Reporting & Analytics

Competitive Edge comes with a complete set of reports, charts and dashboards to monitor the current state of the special pricing arrangements and to approve payments. Partner performance can be easily visualized and evaluated.

Most importantly, the Competitive Edge pricing engine can be run on a regular basis to give the accounting department an accurate picture of exposure at any point in the year.

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