Turn prospects into partner relationships

WinningEdge365 provides everything you need to effectively recruit, onboard and maintain partner relationships. With full-featured tools for To-Partner Marketing, MDF, co-branded collateral, event calendar and social engagement, you'll have the latest technology for navigating the digital transformation journey.

To-Partner Marketing

You know the value of your product to the customer, now is the time to re-evaluate the value of your partner. What turns a partner’s head and captures their attention about your offering? It may be as simple as incentives, or the lack of complexity, ease of doing business with you, the right collateral or even technical training.

Our full-featured marketing tools for landing pages, email templates, marketing lists and campaigns will give you everything you need to attract and keep the best partners.

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Lead Management

Want to make your partners happy? Feed them leads to make them an extension of your sales team. That's the power of multiplication. Our SmartLead engine can automatically assign leads to partners based on location, certification, program tier and past performance. Partners can accept or decline the lead based on whether it's a good fit or not, and ROI can be tracked on accepted leads.

Lead expiration prevents a lead from lingering too long, and can be automatically offered to another suitable partner if expired. Tracking by both the channel manager and partner is simple and easy and keeps the pipeline filled.

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Marketing Development Funds (MDF)

Your partners are closest to the end customer, and with the proper tools you can expand your companies marketing reach many times over. Unfortunately, MDF programs have a reputation for Byzantine requirements and approval processes. WinningEdge365 makes managing MDF easy.

Partners can use the portal to request MDF funds for marketing efforts relevant to their location, specialty and customer base. When linked to Business Plans, MDF requests can be automatically generated. Automated workflow routing and notifications eliminate all the paperwork. The MDF process can be easily customized to fit your organizations requirements.

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Social Engagement

With Microsoft Social Engagement, you can meet customers on the channel of their choice, whether that’s social media or traditional communication methods. Go beyond likes and shares to achieve real, measurable business impact.

Track sentiment on incoming social posts with automatic sentiment tagging, tailored to your organization through machine learning. Learn what customers are saying about your brand, campaigns, industry, and competitors across multiple social channels with social listening.

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Event Calendar

A feature that really sets apart WinningEdge365 is its native event management tools. Modern marketing is all about offering value to your existing and prospective partners, and if your business chooses to do that by hosting in-person events like conferences or seminars, our solution has a host of inbuilt tools to help.

The event management features offers comprehensive functionality for planning event logistics such as venue and speaker management, registrations, scheduling, and tracking attendance. The branded event portal offers partner attendees the ability to manage their profile, attendance, registrations, and get all the information they need about speakers and event timetables.

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Co-Branded Collateral

Co-branding can make a huge impact on the your market by empowering your partners to associate their identity with yours, all while maintaining the integrity of your brand. Co-branding taps into the visibility and sentiments associated with each existing brand, with partners having those sentiments in their local markets.

By automating the co-branding process through the partner portal, your partner has the ability to instantly co-brand predefined material. The partner simply uploads their logo and contact information to their company profile, and the system automatically produces professional, high quality collateral such as white papers, case studies, product literature, and website banners.

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Reporting & Analytics

Quickly identify market and partner trends so you can tailor your business strategy to meet the latest customer needs and get ahead of your competition. Keep track of what’s happening in your industry with email alerts and relevant news highlights. Get instant insights from pre-configured queries that analyze up to last 30 days of social media content and 15 months of web search trends.

Find and respond to digital conversations that matter most by drilling down by topic, sentiment, language, and geography. Act on web search insights based on age and gender demographics. Connect sales and marketing, automate processes, and make smarter decisions to maximize your marketing ROI. The possibilities and insights are limitless.

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