Seal Customer Relationships
with Long Term Trust

Trust is difficult to earn and can be easily broken. Competition is fierce.
Delivering excellence in your warranty program will build more brand loyalty than anything else you do.
Many companies see traditional warranties as cost-center rather than a profit-center.

Register & Track Warranties

With our latest innovation, you now have the possibility of linking your LoyaltyEdge and WarrantyEdge systems together so that manufacturers, partners and end customers all have access to the same relevant information seamlessly and in real-time. Partners can enter warranty information on behalf of end customers.

Delivering excellent customer experience during the registration process gets you and the end customer on the right path to success. Partners and end customers alike will have access to a powerful self-service portal with a complete knowledge base, learning center, live chat, chat bots and warranty claim processing--all in one place.

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Extended Warranties

Once you have deep insights into your product claim processing analytics by linking warranties and serial numbers to claims, you now have the data to make intelligent decisions about offering extended warranties. Use analytics to determine the optimal cost and duration of extended warranties per product or product category--or decide not to offer one at all!

Extended warranties can turn your cost centers into profit centers. To make it easy, we provide the capability for both the partner and end customer to purchase extended warranties from their respective portals.

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Claim Management

Make claim management for your channel and end customer easy. Once registered, the manufacturer, partner and end customer can all access the same claim through their respective portals. The manufacturer has the full capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Service at their disposal.

Serial number tracking is included in the module and is particularly useful for tracking the history of a 'customer journey', not just the history of the 'product'. Warranties and serial numbers can be linked to a claim, providing deep insights into your product development processes and lifecycles.

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Installed-System Warranties

Some companies warranty not only the discrete materials they sell, but the final installed system as a whole. This unique module allows the channel manager to convert an Opportunity into an Installed-System Warranty custom template, copying the products along with other details. Channel manager and partner can collaborate on warranty details using customizable, automated approval workflows.

Attach test results and other documentation and then auto-generate an Installed-System Warranty with a unique identifier. The manufacturer, channel and end customer all have access to the same warranty and can process claims through their respective portals.

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Connected Field Service

By combining warranty management with field service operations, the customer experience is further enhanced. All parties have real-time insights into the claim management process, reducing confusion, frustration, and delivering on customer expectations. WarrantyEdge harnesses the power of Microsoft AI & Machine Learning to complement connected Field Service and Claim Processing in a variety of ways.

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Connected Field Service